Manufacturing and Production

All aspects of our business from design through to marketing are carried out by the Plinius team operating from our headquarters in New Zealand.

Our team of young designers bring energy and modern engineering practice to the simple goal of introducing a modern audience to High Fidelity music.

At our facility in Christchurch all aspects of production are situated close to each other on one site ensuring there is a close working relationship between all members of the manufacturing team.

International distributors are frequent visitors to our premises where they can see Plinius products being individually assembled. They are often surprised by the very complex and sophisticated products being made in other departments. Our production facility supports a variety of businesses from laboratory and medical equipment to camera and GPS systems.

The most important aspect of our business culture is our focus on you the customer. Getting feedback from you is important so please do Contact Us if you feel there is something we can do to improve your Plinius experience.