Mauri CD player

The Mauri CD player maintains Plinius' trademark LED display function that replicates the tone arm on a turntable moving across the tracks on a vinyl record.

Quirky perhaps but a nod to the fact that playing a CD is a lot like playing vinyl; you select the album, you hear the whole album through and you remember which are your favourite tracks. Unlike vinyl you can skip a track with the remote control if you wish.

Each Mauri comes with its own high quality remote control but if you run a complete Plinius system the Mauri does not need its own specialised remote.

For the technically minded the Mauri's slot loading transport, sourced from a renown European supplier, loads with a solid grab on the disc and runs quietly. It has a custom designed transformer. The Plinius designed DAC on board uses high quality Burr Brown components and has local voltage regulation.

For those more interested in how it sounds than how we got there our own DAC design and power supply were the keys in the awards we have gained for the musicality of our previous CD players. The Mauri will faithfully convert all the detail from the digital signal on your compact discs to the analogue signal the rest of your system needs to give you pure listening pleasure.



24 bit, 192ks/s


1 x RCA stereo pair
1 x XLR stereo pair


20Hz to 20kHz ±0.2dB


-100dB at rated input level, A Weighted


<0.01% THD at rated input level


2V RMS into 10k or higher


Typically 100R


50W 0.12A (29W) Idle


Height: 105mm (4")
Width: 450mm (17.75")
Depth: 400mm (15.75")
Weight: 10kg (22lbs)

Burr Brown DAC
The DAC and interface receiver are high performance Burr Brown components with a proven record of quality digital sound reproduction.

RC5 input
The RC5 input allows for connection to wired remote interfaces so it can be used as part of an automated system, or if it is required to be located out of the line of sight from a standard remote.

WBT and Neutrik Connectors
High quality WBT RCA and Neutrik XLR output connectors ensure a high performance, low distortion interface between your cables and the player.

Auricap capacitors
Audience AV supply the Auricap XO capacitors used in key areas of the circuit. The Auricap was chosen for its superior clarity and dynamic ability.

Aluminium Construction
The aluminium chassis, lid and panels provide a non-magnetic housing to eliminate unwanted magnetic fields that can interfere with the sensitive audio signals.